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11 Benefits Of Tea

11 Benefits Of Tea

11 Benefits Of Tea 11 Benefits Of TeaThe delicious taste and soft makes the popular tea around the world as a drunk delicious drink in the morning and the afternoon. addition by the taste, the tea also is widely consumed to take profits.

1. The tea contains antioxidants. The tea has antioxidants that provide protection for your body from aging or the effects of pollution.

2. The tea has less caffeine than coffee. Coffee usually has 2 to 3 times more than the tea caffeine.

3. The tea contains L-theanin that keep us awake for some time. Caffeine also has the effect of what we wake up, but L-theanin increase the cardiac output and improve concentration, whereas caffeine has the opposite effect.

4. Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Clots in the blood for the attacks of cholesterol causes heart disease and stroke. You can help the blood flow and cleaning. A Dutch study found that you people drinking tea at least 2 times a day a 70% less likely to suffer heart attacks.

5 Tea protects the bones. Not only the added milk tea that we can strengthen the bones. There is no research that found that you people that they have been drinking tea for more than 10 years to have strong bones. This can be caused by phytochemicals in tea.

6. Tea offers a beautiful smile. It was not the tea that causes tooth decay, but the sugar is mixed in it which has a negative effect on the teeth. Tea contains fluoride that distanced himself from dental plaque. Therefore, add the fresh tea that the routine to keep your teeth and gums.

7 Tea increases your body’s defenses. Drinking tea may help your body’s defenses to avoid infection.

8 Tea protects against cancer. Tea contains polyphenols, antioxidants that are found in tea, which can protect the body against cancer.

9 Tea can keep the body hydrated. During these drinks contain caffeine which can not be classified in a drink that contributes to body fluids. However, the researchers found was that caffeinated beverages can contribute to the same fluid with other beverages.

10. Tea is calorie-free. Tea does not contain calories, unless the added sweetener or milk. Reduce the intake of 250 calories per day will be able to lose weight in about 1 pound per week.

11 Tea increases your metabolism. Tea, especially green tea, can increase your body’s metabolism. You can record approximately 70-80 extra calories by drinking only five cups of green tea daily.

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