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4 Simple Secrets To Getting Deep Relaxation

4 Simple Secrets To Getting Deep Relaxation

4 Simple Secrets To Getting Deep Relaxation 4 Simple Secrets To Getting Deep Relaxation4 Simple Secrets To Getting Deep Relaxation – First, settle into a nice position to release your breath. Wear comfortable clothes and choose a secluded and quiet. Start with leisurely breaths keeping the air in your lungs for a few seconds before releasing it gradually go .

These 4 simple tips below will give, are no secret really , but part of the art of NLP ” Neuro Linguistic Programming ” .

Important: To use all senses relax

1) Vista. See yourself in a nice place ye meditation position ( a beach , a forest, mountain etc . ) That takes your fancy and you can identify better for having been there before. It has to be lived as relaxation possible. Techniques Observe the colors , the shapes, the details of each thing in the landscape and observe your body and face from a high viewpoint (as if from above). Imagine his face relaxed and the sense of peace and well being projected. Take a look around you again , focusing on nice details.

2) Touch. Feel the body contact with the ground inch by inch and focus focus on feeling light and warm air caresses her face and moves him to the ends of your hair. Feel .

3) Ear. If you move into your meditation to a beach location , hear the sound of the waves on the shore end and are absorbed by the sand. If you have moved to a forest , listen to the sound that makes the air to move leaves, birdsong , water from a stream, etc. .

4) Smell. Smell the aromas of the sea or the mountain: algae , grass . Breathe deeply and feel the whole body is impregnated . And besides , feelings ( imagination). Start to feel like your whole body becomes lighter and lighter (as raised ) . Feel your body and in a state of absolute rest . You will notice that it is only aware of his mind.

You will feel increasingly calm and peace.

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