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8 Tips To Keep The Heart Healthy

8 Tips To Keep The Heart Healthy

8 Tips To Keep The Heart Healthy 8 Tips To Keep The Heart Healthy1 Have a green tea

Elaborate tea green beer and take it with you wherever you are going. Green tea contains antioxidants that are good for the heart health through the prevention of damage to the blood vessels. Heart health advice is to drink two cups of tea green without sugar, a day has demonstrated benefits for the health of the heart.

2 Relax

Relaxation on a daily basis can reduce their blood pressure and stress hormones that can wreak havoc on the heart and cardiovascular system. Stop a moment and breathe deeply a few times, or stretch the body and leaves your body to relax. Meditation or yoga session also will provide good benefits for the heart.

3. Eating healthy nuts

Almonds, walnuts and beans are evident to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood. Dried fruits are rich in calories, so not to go overboard in taking them. Simply eating nuts a day can help protect the heart with a healthy fat.

4. No smoking

These tips from heart-healthy there is no need to explain more, I know its dangerous!

5 Night sleep quality

Lack of sleep do have double the risk of heart attack. Getting enough sleep is commonly 8 hours. Sleep is when your body is refreshing. People who sleep proper enough can control your weight and have better health.

6 Sports

Addition of force or exercise training can strengthen the heart muscle and help the heart to beat and pump blood more efficiently. Although aerobic exercise should be part of the daily routine, the weight training session can make two or three times a week.

7. Avoid junk food

Junk food contains a large amount of saturated fat, salt, sugar, preservatives, and flavor enhancer. Fast food damaging not only the health of the heart, but can also cause chronic diseases and obesity.

8. Heart the past tips is to reduce salt consumption.

Too much salt intake increases blood pressure. So now you know heart health tips on what you can do to avoid that any kind of heart disorder. Live the healthy life. Don’t let that he ruined his own body with the bad habit and wrong life style.

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