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Apples Effective Against Cholesterol

Apples Effective Against Cholesterol

Apples Effective Against Cholesterol Apples Effective Against CholesterolApples Effective Against Cholesterol – Forget diamonds ! Dehydrated apples are really the best friends of women : these fruits help protect your heart by lowering bad cholesterol levels . It would suffice if you added two blocks each day to your diet to have a healthy heart always .

Consuming dried apples every day help women reduce their cholesterol levels , preventing cardiovascular disease , as found by researchers at Florida State University .

Apples help to lose weight

” It says a lot about eating an apple a day , but so far we have a human study which shows that this fruit has potential for your heart ,” says Dr. Bahram Arjmandi , director of the study.

For research , Dr. Arjmandi and his team followed up for one year 100 women, who were divided into two groups. One group had to eat 75 grams of dried apples every day (equivalent to two full blocks) , while the other ate 100 grams of prunes .

Cholesterol levels of the participants were measured at baseline , before changes in diet, and at three, six and 12 months of research.

In the end, the scientists observed that those who had eaten the apple had reduced levels of LDL ( ” bad” cholesterol ) by up to 24 percent, meanwhile, who had taken the plums , maintained constant levels of cholesterol throughout the study.

According to Dr. Arjmandi , ” The results exceeded our expectations : impressive power with apples for lowering cholesterol , add a couple of blocks to the diet, would certainly have great health benefits .”

The specialist explains that , when present in excess , cholesterol sticks to artery walls , making them estrech√°dolas and rigid , this would raise the risk of problems such as heart attack and stroke. “However, this could be avoided with a good apple consumption , and a diet rich in vegetables ,” he says .

But there would have to devote attention only to apples , plums also have a benefit : “Although prunes were not associated with a decrease in cholesterol might think , based on the results , which do help control levels and keep go up , “says Dr. Arjmandi .

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