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Benefit Of Barley For Medicinal Uses

Benefit Of Barley For Medicinal Uses

Benefit Of Barley For Medicinal Uses Benefit Of Barley For Medicinal UsesBenefit Of Barley For Medicinal Uses – Barley is a cereal with ancient tradition in human culture . Originally from Asia and North Africa , is the oldest grain used for food . Today, however , we also know their applications and benefits of natural medicine.

This cereal contains good amounts of inositol , a substance that has long been considered belonging to the vitamin B complex.

This substance is very good for the cardiac system , and prevents the rigidity of blood vessels and regulates cholesterol while functioning as cardiac tonic . Inositol also protects and stimulates the nervous , avoiding or preventing situations of anxiety or depression system. It also contains vitamin K , which helps blood clot .

But we must not only analyze the benefits of this ingredient ingredients also is noteworthy profits for our health care , a potent useful natural remedy for different ailments and health problems : from caring for our cholesterol to fight and prevent cancer.

Barley – Examples of applications

Monitor cholesterol : It has been shown that barley helps eliminate and regulate excess LDL cholesterol , also known as ” bad cholesterol.” This is not only the barley has diuretic properties , cleansing and detoxifying , but also contains inhibitory substances that block the liver’s production of this type of cholesterol, and soluble fiber provided by the cereal help eliminate it.

For cancer : Some studies also found that barley could be anti-cancer , especially on the digestive system . certain Barley enzymes retard cancer cell growth , helping to prevent tumors . This is a property that is still under investigation , although there are some experts who claim that can be very beneficial.

• Women giving birth : We are facing an ingredient with galactogogas properties, which means it is capable of stimulating the production of breast milk. Therefore, for those mothers who have recently given birth may be critical to have the necessary for baby milk.

Certainly, when barley , talk about an ideal ingredient for its healthful properties and is also an ingredient found easily for consumption at a very affordable price. We can consume it in very different ways , such as flour to prepare some recipes , like flakes or grains, to be eaten directly , or even as a coffee-like beverage, known as malt , ideal for all ages and a perfect prepared to facilitate the digestive process .

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