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Benefit Olive Oil For Hair And Beauty

Benefit Olive Oil For Hair And Beauty

Benefit Olive Oil For Hair And Beauty Benefit Olive Oil For Hair And BeautyOlive oil as well as offering health benefits has properties that contribute to the beauty of the hai Olive oil is very effective for repairing the dry or damaged hair as a result of the use of hair products as Relaxers, permanent, bleached, dyes or excessive use are dryers and irons. When hair is dry rot starts from, especially in lengths and tips, this produces abundant fall and hinders their growth.

How to use olive oil to restore the beauty of the hair:

  • Warm olive oil and apply to dry hair to lengths and tips, leave on for 20 minutes, then wash in the usual way.
  • You can prepare a revitalising mask using egg yolk and one or two teaspoons of oil of olive (according to the length of hair), are mixed well and applied half an hour before the bath.
  • Mix two tablespoons of honey and one of olive oil, spreads in lengths and tips gently massaging, after 20 minutes washing your hair with shampoo suitable for the type of hair.

Olive oil is an excellent home remedy for dry or damaged hair repair but for the results should be used once a week until the hair recovers. The smell of olive oil is not exactly nice and although it is usually removed with washing is suitable to not apply the mask on the same day that it has an important outlet.

We must also warn that oil is placed in lengths and tips, should not be applied on the scalp to prevent excessive oiliness is the roots of the hair.

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