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Bitter Melon Against Head And Neck Cancer

Bitter Melon Against Head And Neck Cancer

Bitter Melon Against Head And Neck Cancer Bitter Melon Against Head And Neck CancerBitter Melon Against Head And Neck Cancer – Bitter melon , also known as Chinese cundeamor or by its scientific name Momordica charantia , is a , cucumber -like vegetable , grown and commonly consumed in China and India , recent studies have discovered a fruit component to prevent growth of cancer cells and also inhibit reproduction.

The Dr. Ratna Ray , the department of pathology at Saint Louis University and lead researcher decided to investigate thoroughly the properties of bitter melon fruit and discovered that triggers a series of reactions at the cellular level that hinder the multiplication of cells cancer and may even get to destroy them.

According to the preliminary results of research published in Public Library of Science One Journal margo melon extract regulates several pathways that helped reduce the growth of cancer cells in the head and neck in an animal model . After four weeks of feeding rodents with bitter melon extract to mice to see if the substance causes anti-tumor activity found that tumor volume was reduced .

” We wanted to see the effect of treatment with bitter melon extract in different cancers using different model systems ,” Ray said. He added that although more research is needed, the bitter melon extract could increase the current treatment options .

“It is difficult to measure the impact of treatment with bitter melon extract on cell growth , but a combination of things – therapy with existing drugs , along with melon bitter can help the effectiveness of cancer treatment in general ,” said Ray .

“Our research suggests that bitter melon patterns modulates several signal transduction within the cell, which leads to the death of the malignant cell ,” said the researcher.

The prestigious site refers Natural Standard has been reported that the protein MAP30 , which is isolated from the extract of bitter melon , has anti-cancer effects, although such potential effects have not been studied in humans. Bitter melon extract is commonly used as folk medicine to treat diabetes in China and India.

Head and Neck Cancer

The National Library of Medicine U.S. mentions the cancer in the head and neck includes cancers of the mouth , nose , sinuses , salivary glands , throat and lymph nodes in the neck . Most begin in the moist tissues around the mouth, nose and throat. Its symptoms include :

  • A lump or sore that does not heal
  • A sore throat that does not go away
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Voice changes or hoarseness

 The consumption of snuff or alcohol increases the risk . In fact , 85 percent of cancers in the head and neck are associated with the consumption of snuff , including smoking and smokeless snuff . If detected early, these cancers are often curable . Treatment may include surgery , radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of all . Treatments can affect eating, speaking and even breathing , so patients may need rehabilitation.

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