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Body Care


Why do we say that it is necessary body care?

Because in this world of haste in which we operate have to stop and become aware of our bodies and our minds if we want to be as healthy as possible.

What do we mean by pampering?

For pampering bring balance to understand all aspects that affect our physical and emotional balance. Some basics are:

Taking care of our diet or nutrition: it is certainly a priority for our body. Choose a balanced diet as varied as possible and that fits our climate, our physical and nutritional needs as our business or individual requirements.

Care of the body related to physical activity: the fact that our work increasingly sedentary and that we move to all party automobile or other transportation means that most people need to practice extra physical activity as sport. The need to relieve stress and stretch our muscles do, fortunately, people become interested in exercise.

Rest as needed: stop occasionally and doing nothing is very important. The typical Spanish siesta is a clear example of a natural remedy free and very great effectiveness for our body and mind. Sleep appropriate times is essential if we want to be overloaded with power to awaken in the morning.

Learning to listen to our bodies when we have some pain, illness or bad we must stand and try to hear what our body is trying to tell us. Often want to tell us that we are not getting enough rest, we’re taking too many stimulants (coffee, alcohol, etc..) Or we’re eating in a disordered or unbalanced. Once interpreted the message should say no need to get sick and we will correct this “imbalance”. A massage, a nap or a very light dinner can be a good gift for this long-suffering body.

Need to relax: the sport is certainly a good download source of stress, but the person you feel you need even more care of the body (especially your nervous system) can find help in one of the many relaxation techniques that are there today days (Yoga, Tai Chi, Sophrology, Silva Method, views, etc..)

Healing emotions: people interested in caring for the body and known to heal the emotions is perhaps the most important since it is one of the “food” to nourish us … or more poison us. It is very important, from time to time, take stock of our emotions and attempt to resolve these outstanding issues we have with family, friends, coworkers or neighbors. Guilt, anger or resentment are almost always a weight that keeps us from walking or thrive. Spend more time with friends and family makes us feel loved and also enjoy the possibility to express to them how we feel about them. It is not enough to feel it. Like others of us also like to hear that they are special to us.

Feeding our spirit to stand up and breathe deeply thankful for the new day can be a very simple way to start the day with better motivation. It is very important to cultivate our inner growth trying to be a little better every day. Feel that we are part of the planet and the same team as the rest of humanity. Having a broader understanding of the family and treating others as we like to be treated ourselves.

Body care is a moral obligation that we have with the wonder of creation that we have received that is our body. Tratémoslo with the utmost affection for it is our constant companion vehicle.

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