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Botox Also For Men

Botox Also For Men

Botox Also For Men Botox Also For MenBotox Also For Men – Since starting to become fashionable Botox, this has always been associated with women. Although it seemed an exclusive treatment of females in their efforts to steal time to time and over the years was not too noticeable in the last decade, and because men have started to take more care , statistics show that more and more “gentlemen” are undergoing this kind of ” tinkering” .

As experts say, the main objectives to be achieved with the application of Botox in the case of males, are losing sight of wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows (especially brands gesture ) to prevent excessive underarm sweating .
According to one skilled in the art as it is Antonio Munoz , of the London Clinic ( a major center for aesthetic established in up to nine Spanish cities ) , ensures that the skin of men is somewhat thicker than women, which makes that ” dreaded wrinkles ” are much more pronounced .

Botox treatments have always been controversial and have been challenged. Its side effects are of grandebate and is always “in the air ” whenever we talk about this type of operation . However, there is a lot of myths about this product would be good belie such as ensuring that once the Botox is preventing gesturing to the person wearing it applied .

We’ve all seen on television ever known someone with inert face expressionless and barely moved. This does not have to be that way . There are other treatments that are not based on Botox, and if it was, would have to know what amount was applied . If applied by a professional and in the places and in the right dose , the ” mum effect ” would not have to be quite the opposite.

Other things you say is that the effects disappear when applications Botox , wrinkles reappear and more visible. This is not true . Botox , in addition to dimming , also prevented.

All, what worries people about Botox are the possible negative side effects, but the matter can say that according to studies, only 1 % of cases can occur such adverse conditions , the other 99 % continue to never have them.

Botox for ” add poker face “

Botox for add poker face Botox Also For MenLeaving aside the serious issues related to the health of people , it seems that the latest trend is that Botox poker players apply. This seems to be looking for (wrongly ) have ” poker face ” as they play and prevent their opponents know ” what they’re up to ,” something that can not be obtained with this substance .

It may not be the best reason to apply this treatment, but what we must not forget is that , as with all aesthetic technique , the important thing is to never lose the measure and be clear about the results sought to avoid falling into addiction and overuse .

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