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Caries – Lack Of Fluoride

Caries – Lack Of Fluoride

Caries Lack Of Fluoride Caries   Lack Of FluorideIN THE ABSENCE OF FLUORINE, BAD ARE CAVITIES

In the mouth the lactic acid bacteria, are, in the case of a diet rich in carbohydrates, while if food is poor in these nutrients bacteria that are formed are mainly of rot. No sooner are baby teeth, microbes are deposited on them, multiply so amazing and form a thick deposit, known as plaque.

Bacteria feed especially on sugar, which is transformed into lactic acid. Scale is acidified at the end of four minutes and attacks the enamel that is located below, process if it is repeated about 200 times generated an early caries (chalk, a white spot under the surface of the tooth).

This circumstance can occur due to combined, such as poor oral hygiene and the lack of fluoride in the teeth, so it is advisable to consult with a dentist, the best way to prevent this problem.

In dentistry is known with the name of systemic therapy with fluoride to a series of procedures characterized by eating of this trace element, in particular during the period of formation and maturation of the teeth (first twelve years of life). The most common of all is the consumption of water containing optimal amounts of fluoride in naturally (mineral waters) or have been enriched by his addition, as tap water (the most common sources for the fortification of the water with fluoride are sodium fluoride and sodium fluosilicate fluosilicic acid).

Fluoridation of the drinking water represents today the most effective and economic method to provide the public a partial against tooth decay protection, since it requires no effort on the part of the beneficiaries aware access to this necessary preventive measure.

Water intake brings about a pointed tooth decay in about a 50 percent reduction, so we recommend to those who are not big water drinkers that they used to do it if you want to start to avoid the unpleasant surprises on each visit to the dental practice.

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