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Childhood Obesity – Can Begin In Pregnancy

Childhood Obesity – Can Begin In Pregnancy

Childhood obesity – Possible Causes

Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity   Can Begin In PregnancyThe addition of a child to the “junk food”, one of the leading causes of childhood obesity may begin in the womb , according to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

The nutritional habits of children can be influenced by what their mothers ate during pregnancy , the study , in which mothers who eat unhealthy foods such as breast feed may negatively influence the weight of their children .

According to Stephanie Bayol , the Royal Veterinary College London , who led the study , ” consuming large amounts of junk food during pregnancy or breastfeeding can affect the normal control of appetite and promote an excessive fondness for that kind of food in children.”

The team led by Dr. Bayol found that rats given a diet rich in chips and other foods rich in Childhood obesity fat, salt and sugar was administered during these phases calved offspring equally abused unhealthy foods .

Rats exposed in their mothers’ bodies to that kind of food born with below average weight, but after ten weeks after weaning , body mass was 32 ??percent higher than normal in the case of females and 22 percent in males.

Sue Macdonald, the Royal College of Midwives, told the newspaper “The Times” that many pregnant mothers ignore what constitutes a healthy diet, but added that it is a myth that women automatically eat for two when pregnant as there are also many who just afraid of gaining weight during this phase .

Adam Balen , professor of reproductive medicine in hospitals in Leeds (England ) , told the same newspaper that the study reinforces the message about the importance of maternal diet during pregnancy to the future health of their offspring

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