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Coffee To Prevent Diabetes

Coffee To Prevent Diabetes

Coffee To Prevent Diabetes Coffee To Prevent DiabetesCoffee To Prevent Diabetes - Good news for coffee lovers ! Regular consumption of this beverage would help reduce the risk of diabetes by up to 50 %, and if you do not like caffeine , no problem : experts say that decaffeinated coffee would equal big profits . How many cups are you wearing today ?

Certain compounds found in coffee help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by preventing damage to cells that produce insulin, according to a new study conducted by researchers in China.

“Since previous work had found that coffee may help prevent diabetes, but are now able to explain how the mechanism by which it prevents ” says Dr. Kun Huang , professor of pharmaceutical biology at the Huazhong University of Science and technology in China.

According to researchers, increase the risk of diabetes when the pancreas identified as a protein hIAPP , which destroy cells that produce insulin accumulates.

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But in an experiment with mice , Dr. Huang and his team observed that ” caffeine, caffeic acid ( CA) and chlorogenic acid ( CGA ), three abundant compounds in coffee, avoid the formation of hIAPP deposits at same time protect the pancreas from further damage . “

The researchers believe that drinking at least four cups of coffee a day could reduce up to 50 percent risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

However, for those they do not like too much exposure to caffeine , Dr. Huang says the decaffeinated coffee have similar or even greater benefits to the common coffee.

” Of the three compounds ,” says Dr. Huang, ” caffeine may have less potent effects, so you could do without it . Moreover, decaffeinated coffee usually contains similar or higher levels of caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid, and that would take equally or even more convenient than taking regular coffee . “

However, Dr. Joe Vinson , from Scranton University , says that coffee should not be seen as a magic drink ” Coffee may help prevent diabetes, however, there are many other more effective methods : walking 30 minutes a day, lose weight, eat better. The coffee itself would not be of great help if you do not make changes in lifestyle . “

According to the American Diabetes Association, 11.8 % of Hispanics living in the country suffer . Of them 13.8% are Puerto Rican , mexico 13.3% and 7.6 % American , Cuban .

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