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Cool Eco-Friendly

Cool Eco-Friendly

Cool Eco Friendly 217x300 Cool Eco FriendlyLooking for a way to lose weight without deny the pleasures of food? Are the techniques that exist in the market for beauty and health are not entirely convincing you? Keep reading because what follows you like a lot …

This is the Cryolipolysis, a procedure quite revolutionary in the world of weight loss treatments, because it is noninvasive, painless and very effective, through a localized cooling.

Cryolipolysis is a method that was developed by scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University. Its operation is through a plate-shaped device which is applied on the skin and by means of laser beams at temperature below zero, achieves disintegrate adipocytes. The results are not immediate, but they are very positive, it is possible to reduce a layer of fat between 20% and 40%. After 2 or 3 months you will notice that approximately 25% of fats were actually discarded through the urine.

This procedure takes between one to three hours, the sensation is initially concentrated in the cold, but then fades to almost feel nothing, which offers the possibility to perform other work activities with the computer, study, read or relax and even sleep.

Following treatment can resume normal daily activities, it is not an invasive treatment. Remember it is an effective treatment but you must accompany it with a care of your diet, exercise, eating a healthy diet and life never to gain weight, and work and wasted time does not see.

People who decide to take this treatment or any other that is to lose weight, take into account the need for a change of attitude and healthy habits so that the effectiveness of the method to display. You will have excellent results with this treatment along with lifestyle changes to keep. Certainly when you look better and feel better will be a great stimulus to carry out the necessary changes. What you waiting for?

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