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Detox Your Liver With Milk Thistle

Detox Your Liver With Milk Thistle

Detox Your Liver With Milk Thistle Detox Your Liver With Milk ThistleDetox Your Liver With Milk Thistle – Milk thistle is a herbaceous biennial or a prickly plant with purplish bulbous tubular flowers . It is an edible plant , originally occurring in southern Europe , southern Russia , the Middle East and North Africa . Especially in the countries around the Mediterranean, milk thistle alongside diet also used as a tonic for the liver . Almost all parts of the plant may be eaten without any symptoms of poisoning . Milk thistle was introduced in North America by European settlers .

Today, milk thistle known liver protector ( the group of Flavonoids Mariadistel is silymarin ) . Milk thistle as offered commercially is a standardized extract prepared from the seeds of Silybum marianum . Like Ginkgo Biloba thistle should be standardized and reduced to a concentrated form to be used for medical purposes, such as hepatoprotector ( liver protector ) . Effectively deployed In general, milk thistle extracts standardized to a concentration of 70-80% of lignans and flavones , including Isosilybinine , Silybinine Silly Christine and silydianin , which together are called silymarin .

The liver

Milk thistle is especially popular because it protects the liver and improves liver function . It protects the liver by altering and strengthening the structure of the outer cells and stimulates the regenerative capacity of the liver. In addition, it promotes the formation of new hepatocytes ( liver cells in the main tissue) through the activation of the enzyme nucleolar polymerase A , which leads to the increase of the ribosomal protein synthesis and an increase in the cell division.

Milk thistle liver renews the cellular

Silymarin , an antioxidant, can also damage to the liver caused by chronic use of certain decrease (regular) medications. The Silybin Component is related to cholesterol- lowering effects . Because of the possibility to increase the solubility of bile Silymarin also helps in the prevention of gallstones , and the softening of gallstones.

Moreover, there are no known contraindications for the use of milk thistle . The only side effect is a mild intermittent loose stools are . This is almost always only for a few days and is due thistle stimulates the liver , thereby extra bile produced , which may temporarily have a laxative effect.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects when crude preparation of milk thistle for use as food , it is related to the artichoke . When standardized extract with high concentrations of silymarin is occasional mild laxative effect observed . The only significant interaction with medications is where milk thistle has reduced. Damaging effects of medications Milk thistle is among the natural therapies regarded as a protector of the liver , especially with medication .

Active Components

The most active parts of milk thistle are substances which are collectively known as silymarin . Research has shown that silymarin two special effects on the liver :

  • it protects the liver from damage caused by toxins and diseases and
  • it stimulates the regeneration of liver tissue at the cellular level , where it is damaged .

Therefore, the use of milk thistle recommended for drug use , even when following chemotherapy .

Milk thistle also appears to be promotion of damaged liver tissue as a consequence of alcohol abuse . The recovery Milk thistle is also recommended for a better recovery after a past hepatitis ( liver inflammation ) , since the liver can be. Undermines Another use of milk thistle is to increase the quality of breast milk .

Through laboratory experiments have shown that milk thistle protects the liver against an attack by carbon tetrachloride ( a strong poison in some administrative resources ) and against the green tuber ammonite ( a mushroom ) , which can be eaten as it is fatal. The good results confirm the protective function of milk thistle .


Milk thistle is a safe and valuable herb that protects the liver and restores . The liver has a lot to endure in daily life . Stress , pollution , chemicals: it’s all a challenge for the liver . Anything we can do to improve it to cope , it influences the regenerative capacity of the liver is beneficial .

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