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Fitball Practice

Fitball Practice

fitball 300x179 Fitball PracticeDo you like exercise? But … you want something more fun to run daily or do cario or abs? Surely you’ve ever seen perform exercises on a large-scale plastic ball. Did you have idea how is called this practice? If you are unfamiliar and have never seen exercises with balls is because you do not know the Fitball.

This type of exercise with a ball helps you work: the hips, biceps, chest, arms and more. Today many gyms use it as a method of toning and strengthening. It is quite recommended since it is a sport that exercises all parts of the body, helps improve balance and also to correct poor posture. In addition, super recommended for people with back problems and neck.

Another great advantage that the Fitball is that they can practice people of all ages. And one of the interesting things is that there is a requirement to have any previous physical preparation, you just need to learn some basic positions so you can exercise most of your limbs.

However, care must be taken with the location of your legs and / or knees while you do push-ups. The feet must be kept forward and thus push yourself you will not run the risk of forced movements we can make a major injury.

Before we give you some tips to tengqas into account:

  •     exercises you perform them in a slow and controlled.
  •     The ball must be properly inflated and should be adequate to match.
  •     Should be performed with a frequency of 3 times a week to see results.
  •     At the end do not forget to stretch.
  •     The first few times you should seek help or advice. Ask your gym instructor to help you.

Now you’re ready to start practicing Fitball What do you expect to do? Will you dare to practice it?

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