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Food Additives – Myths And Truths

Food Additives – Myths And Truths

Food Additives2 Food Additives   Myths And Truths-Additives produce allergy.
Yes, it is true that in some cases these products produce allergy, but these, can also be caused by medications, certain foods, or pollen from a flower.

-Additives can be consumed without danger. 

Products that are authorised by the health authorities are useful, necessary and harmless to people you know in advance that you can consume them seamlessly. However, what could make them harmful, as it would happen with any product, would be the abuse of these substances.

-Some additive products are used for health.
It is true. Potassium bicarbonates are used as stabilizers, baking soda or regulatory Ph. (measures the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid).

-Additives are used for centuries. In any way.

The massive use of these products is explained by the development of the food industry and the search for a better conservation and a more attractive presentation of the food. Additives are called through international codes that start with the letter E and follow with a number.

-Additives are all equal.

Within this category there are colours, preservatives, antioxidants or emulsifiers and sweeteners that are the main categories within a wider framework that includes up to 25 different families who have the mission to color, flavor, texture, homogeneity, just keep food.

Preservatives are not useful for food. It is not true. These products extend the shelf life of foods, protecting the afmentos against deterioration caused by micro-organisms and especially against the toxin Clostridium Botufnum., which causes botulism.

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