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Food – Keys To Be Healthy


Food – Keys To Be Healthy – Not only when you want to lose weight you should take a look at the daily diet . Sometimes, not so much fat you eat, but how you eat . “Obesity is a chronic disease . Many people are being treated for life – explains this condition licensed Elvira Calvo , social researcher and member of the Center for Nutrition (CENIT ) – . Slimming involves not only dieting. Rather, change behavior patterns . “

So a person can have a few extra pounds , simply because food correctable mistakes . Here are some tips that may help:

• Do not skip meals : To compensate for energy expenditure , without fat deposits in the body, feeding should be spread out at various times of the day. The best practice is to conduct four daily meals . ” It is not good to eat a single meal important , as often happens with people working . The most important meal is dinner , “said Calvo.

• Eat all, little and varied : ” The issue of food must be treated individually. However, considering the average of Argentina should vary the diet a little more. Also increase the consumption of vegetables , fruits and whole grains ” – emphasizes the degree Constance Barzi Machain , another member of the CENI .

• Leave a sedentary lifestyle : Urban society is very sedentary . A minority performs regular physical activity . Playing a sport is not the only way to leave the sedentary lifestyle. It is beneficial to get into the habit of walking up and down stairs or biking . The frequency should not be less than three times a week.

• Do not believe the mirror : Not always the body’s own internalized image is real or not, does not explain the existence of diseases such as bulimia and anorexia . Usually, the others have a more realistic view . Should consider the opinion of the people around us before qualify us as chronically obese .

• Be motivated : “The models imposed by society are not for everyone . We can not all get to have the body of Claudia Schiffer – Machain indicates Barzi . So expectations should be logical . Furthermore, it should increase self-esteem , do not always have the other as a reference . “

• Knowing how to choose the proper diet : Must be designed by a professional according to the body characteristics and activity of each individual. It should not be boring , tasteless and be seen as a sacrifice.

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