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Foods That Are Excellent Natural Antidepressants

Foods That Are Excellent Natural Antidepressants

Foods That Are Excellent Natural Antidepressants Foods That Are Excellent Natural AntidepressantsFoods That Are Excellent Natural Antidepressants – In the National Exposition of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , researchers presented new evidence of how certain foods improve mood of people. The effects of chocolate , strawberries and products containing Omega 3, are similar to those of prescription antidepressants.

Experts said they found more than 1,700 substances that make up the flavors of common foods , including some flavors derived from natural ingredients, which potentially would resemble prescription drugs to stabilize the mood of the people .

“Some of the molecules present in chocolate, and a variety of fruits and foods containing omega -3 , have shown positive effects on mood. Meanwhile, our research shows that some flavor components of use common , are similar to valproic acid, ” they said Karina Martinez Mayorga, the Institute of Chemistry of the National Autonomous University of Mexico , leader of the team that conducted the study .

How to take heart

The study innovative techniques were used to examine the chemical structures of over 1,700 food ingredients , which were approved compared to currently marketed antidepressants .

And discovered that for example , valproic acid, which helps to soften the mood swings of people with manic- depressive disorder and related diseases, they find its match in certain natural foods. ” There is evidence that certain chemicals present in chocolate , and blueberries , raspberries , strawberries , tea and certain foods, are also powerful enhancers to modulate mood of the people ,” Martinez – Mayorga said.

To delve deeper into the subject , researchers are now trying to identify chemical compounds that balance and moderate mood , help maintain cognitive health , improve mental alertness and delay the onset of memory loss .

According to scientists, these findings may help provide new recommendations for diets , medications or supplements, elements that leverage the mood of the people included .

“It is important to remember that just eating foods that may improve mood , is not a substitute for prescribed antidepressant medications ,” said Martinez Mayorga, not to fall into false expectations about using food as an infallible and only alternative to improve mood .

For those who do not want to wait to see the final results of future scientific discoveries about the topic , experts emphasize again that the consumption of specific foods and live a healthy life in general can basically improve mood .

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