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Garlic Fights Lung Cancer

Garlic Fights Lung Cancer

Garlic Fights Lung Cancer Garlic Fights Lung CancerGarlic Fights Lung Cancer – Eating raw twice a week garlic decreases the risk of lung cancer by 44 % and is effective even among smokers , although to a lesser extent . Evidence that adds a long list of benefits of the popular plant .

Already have pointed their powers against cancer , impotence , improving circulation , its contribution to combat colds, and in 2012 , a study conducted by researchers at Washington State University concluded that garlic is more effective than some conventional antibiotics to fight infections caused by intestinal food.

But now a new benefit with hard numbers type: regular consumption of garlic has been shown to reduce the risk of lung cancer by almost half , according to a study published in Cancer Prevention Research, which was conducted by the Provincial Center of Jiangsu for Disease Control and Prevention in China.

The researchers looked at 4,500 healthy adults and compared them with 1,424 adults with lung cancer. All were questioned about their eating and lifestyle habits , including how often they consumed and whether they smoked garlic . And scientists found that people who regularly ate raw garlic as part of their diet were 44 % less likely to suffer from lung cancer, and among smokers , the decline was 30% .

It is unclear whether the cooked garlic would have the same effect, but other research suggests that the key ingredient would be a chemical called allicin , which is released when it is crushed or chopped , and it’s a great antioxidant.

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