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Ginseng Could Improve Cancer-Related Fatigue

Ginseng Could Improve Cancer-Related Fatigue

Ginseng Could Improve Cancer Related Fatigue Ginseng Could Improve Cancer Related FatigueGinseng Could Improve Cancer-Related Fatigue – According to a study, take a supplement of American ginseng every day for eight weeks may help improve fatigue in people with cancer.

The term ginseng refers to several species of the genus Panax of the family Araliaceae. The two most commonly used species of ginseng are Asian ginseng and American ginseng. The word “ginseng” is derived from ren-shen, the Chinese name of the plant, which means “the essence of the earth in the form of a man” or “man-root”, referring to the resemblance of the root to form human. Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. Its various uses include increased appetite and strength, improved memory and physical performance, reducing fatigue and stress, and overall improvement of quality of life.

In the current study, researchers set out to determine the possible effects of ginseng on cancer-related fatigue. They enrolled 364 cancer survivors and were randomized to receive daily for eight weeks or 2,000 mg of American ginseng or placebo. Observations were taken of changes in the level of fatigue of the subjects after four and eight weeks of treatment.

The results showed a significant difference in the group receiving ginseng after eight weeks of treatment. The people in the group that took ginseng had more improvement in their symptoms during the study, compared with those receiving placebo. The researchers found that the greatest benefit was reported by those who were receiving active treatment for cancer, compared with those who had completed treatment.

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