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Goji Berries : The Benefits Health Of Himalayas

Goji Berries : The Benefits Health Of Himalayas

Goji Berries Goji Berries : The Benefits Health Of HimalayasThe Benefits Health Of Himalayas – Goji berries are the delicate bright red fruits of gojistruik , which belongs to the family of the night damages . Goji berries are originally from China , they are known as Himalayan superfood . They contain six vitamins , eleven minerals , eighteen amino acids and a variety of potentially beneficial phytonutrients . The health benefits of goji berries are often divided into four groups :

  •     Antioxidant
  •     Strengthening of the immune system
  •     Good effect against aging ( anti -aging )
  •     Beneficial effect on the nervous system

In traditional Chinese medicine , the goji berry is a very important herb . Chinese doctors often use it to bring the body into balance and strengthen . Besides the great health benefits , goji berries are too sweet , delicious treat to eat and not as expensive as other dietary supplements . Therefore, goji berries are very popular and they have been used for thousands of years .

In China they are often due to their good activity against aging as a gift bought for elderly friends or relatives .

The benefits of goji berries

cancer prevention

One of the biggest advantages of bright red berries such as goji berries is that they contain a high concentration of antioxidants , which is very effective in the fight against cancer . If you eat goji berries , antioxidants are the cancer-causing free radicals in the blood find and remove .

Heart disease and cholesterol

A further advantage of the antioxidants is that they bring the level of bad cholesterol down and protect the heart against diseases. They also contain fiber and a higher dietary fiber intake is again associated with a high cholesterol and lower risk of a heart attack.

Weight – One of the reasons why goji berries can help you lose weight that they have a low GI . Goji scoring 29 in the glycemic index , while more familiar fruits have much higher scores , so scoring 38 apples and watermelons 72 . Only bananas are on the same level as goji berries with a slightly lower score of 25 .

There are more similarities between goji berries and bananas . Like bananas, goji berries contain a lot of fiber , namely 21 percent . Remember that fiber foods make you feel full longer . As a result, you’d better stick to your diet and you will not eat more than you actually can .

Anti -aging

Also, the slowing down of the aging process can be achieved by eating certain types of food . The antioxidants found in goji berries delaying wrinkles and aging. In addition, the lifetime could increase , because you prevent diseases and ailments by eating antioxidant .

Eye Health

Goji berries contain vitamin A, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin . These substances are all associated with healthy eyes. They protect your eyesight and prevent certain eye diseases such as macular degeneration .

Better sleep

Regular consumption of goji berries can help improve your sleep . If you suffer from insomnia , try to eat goji berries daily and your sleep pattern will likely improve .

Stress Reduction

Goji berries could reduce stress and a sense of calmness , happiness and general well-being can promote . In periods of stress eating can it reduce the cortisol levels in your body .

Good for stiff joints

Regularly eating goji berries can be good for your bones and tendons . It can reduce joint stiffness , joint pain and bad knees or prevented . Within the Chinese medicine , the tendons and bones considered ‘ is dominated by ‘ (depending on ) the liver and the kidneys. Because goji berries are good for the liver and kidneys , they can also improve the condition of the joints , tendons and bones . Regularly eating goji berries can prevent bone and joint diseases .

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