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Health of Body has it’s Limits

Health of Body has it’s Limits

Health of Body has its Limits Health of Body has its LimitsIn Sweden, a man has been found alive after spending two months in his vehicle in the snow, without food. However, this case is not unprecedented, because in 1972, a plane had crashed in the Andes and 16 survivors remained 72 days in an atmosphere where prevailing temperatures below 40 ยบ C. The survival instinct of man is certainly incredible. However, although it is able to excel, the human body has its limits.

Private water
Consists of 70% water, the body of a human being requires a sufficient supply of water to function properly. A possible water deprivation can cause:
cellular dehydration causing a degradation of the cells. Result: collateral damage to the viscera;
initially a severe thirst, dry tongue, mouth and skin;
an increasing level of salt in the bloodstream that cause headaches, muscle spasms and intense pain, and brain disorders. The maximum duration of water deprivation is three days.

Deprived of food
There is no doubt that the human body can more easily go without food than water. However, the body is experiencing nutritional needs so that it works optimally.

Consequences of starvation:
- During the first three days, the body uses up its stores of glucose, salt and water.
- Beyond these three days, the parties are fat and muscle that are used, resulting in loss of muscle mass.
- Instantly, the body will try to save what little energy he has left by slowing the heart rate and vital faculties.
- The final step involves the use of the remaining proteins.
- The maximum period of starvation is 30 to 40 days on average.

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