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Healthy Eating For Your Heart

Healthy Eating For Your Heart

Healthy Eating For Your Heart Healthy Eating For Your HeartBad cholesterol or poor diet is something we do from time to time. It is impossible to eat healthy food all the time, but we can try to do this without a doubt there are moments that are difficult to avoid poor diet. Healthy eating for your heart is something we all must do, especially for those who have a high risk of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Food and heart disease

We know this – a diet high in saturated fat increase cholesterol, high cholesterol is closely linked (risk) with heart disease. And we also know that obese people have a high risk for several diseases, including heart disease. High in sodium increases blood pressure, which causes inflammation and even heart disease. Examples of foods high in sodium include salt, cereals, canned foods, soy sauce, spaghetti sauce and teriyaki sauce.

To help prevent heart disease and improve your health in general. some tips and food in the background is very good for the health of the heart.

Choice of healthy oils and fats

Foods that contain saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease. Found in butter, meat and coconut oil even. You should avoid until their cholesterol levels and are at a healthy weight. Instead you can enjoy seafood and nuts of alternative source of protein. After reaching a healthy weight can some while can eat meat, provided that it is possible to select a healthy meat. You eat a lot of fish, but to eat significant results herring, sardines and salmon, which is a type of fish that contain large amounts of Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

The monounsaturated fats in olive oil helps protect the heart from heart disease. Olive oil is an ideal choice for cooking or dressing

Selection of carbohydrates

Eating for heart consists of staying away from foods containing sugar such as candy, cookies, tarts and cakes. Eating too much sugar isn’t good for heart disease at all. Healthy carbohydrates mean loaves of whole grain, wheat pasta, brown rice, and plenty of vegetables. You must make fruits and vegetables, the main aspect of your diet.

To make the appropriate changes to your diet, remember that you need time to become a habit. Eating healthy is always good for the body and the heart.

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