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How do Make-up Trends?


Is there such a thing as make-up trends? This question is quite justified. Because actually you’d think that women choose the color of her lipstick or eye shadow then what suits them best. Not every color complements any skin type and you can underline by selecting the appropriate make-up perfectly the entire expression of personality.

Nevertheless, there are make-up trends. The cosmetics manufacturer usually twice a year to bring new color palettes on the market. The classics like red lipstick or French manicure at the nail polish of course there are always. So who determines what is the latest nail polish trend, which will have to wear lipstick and false eyelashes whether in or out are?

Make-up trends emerge on the fashion shows

Make-up trends are always geared to the general fashion trends. Most fashion designers get from reputable manufacturers like MAC cosmetics and Chanel the matching nail polish or lipstick to make her fashion collections. So influenced, what can the make-up designers come up with for the models on the catwalk, and the color palette that we can later buy in stores. Perhaps you’ve noticed that are found in many nail polishes especially this year in gold or silver, while last year, matte tones were in demand. But even successful movies and even politics can influence the make-up trends

The impact of movies on a make-up trends

Successful movies have often had influence on fashion and also on the make-up trends. A good example is the movie Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman to see where a black-red nail polish was. This nail varnish was shortly afterwards taken by many manufacturers such as OPI on the market. After the box-office success of Avatar everywhere you looked blue nail polish, which can not be a coincidence.

Make-up trends and the euro crisis

Ironically, in times when the gold price shoots up, and the euro crisis dominated the political agenda, are lipsticks and nail polish in shimmering shades of gold trend. In times of financial uncertainty, it sparkles on the nails in the colors of the precious metals. Coincidence or not? At least, it stands to reason that is applied particularly splendid and thick when it is economically worse off. Finally, make-up and nail varnish are in contrast to true pendants affordable for everyone.

And how do the make-up trends come from?

2012 is all about the naturalness. The cosmetics company MAC has recently introduced the new makeup trends for 2012. The makeup of the coming season looks as if it was not there. For a natural make-up, however, so some parts will be needed. A counter-proposal to the nail polish trends 2012th Besides high-tech industrial paints look is in demand again. On the nails shimmer colors such as carbon or steel.

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