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How Otherwise If The Sun Can Damage Hair

How Otherwise If The Sun Can Damage Hair


The Sun Can Damage Hair How Otherwise If The Sun Can Damage HairDispose of products containing peroxide that the Sun can activate and deep damage to the hair. The dry bits can split and stop hair from growing. If you will be outside in the Sun. Do this and your change will occur one day to another.

Apply a shampoo for the pelo-reparacion and protein conditioner to start restructuring and hair care. The shampoo should be used only once per week.

After rinsing the conditioner, apply a conditioner without rinse and wrap and ends. Rub the hair or use a wide-tooth comb to distribute evenly.

Use peppermint oil conditioner once a week, in addition to the reparacion-champu for the hair. Soft peppermint oil cools and gently repairing scalp and follicle. After three weeks you should see significant results.

Apply a conditioner without rinsing with UV protection before exposure to the Sun and after swimming. Otherwise will not be complete without constant vigilance to protect the hair.


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