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How To Care For Skin

How To Care For Skin

How To Care For Skin How To Care For SkinThe skin has two important functions: us relates with the outside world and protects us from the aggressions of the world itself. The skin is a barrier that serves as protection, therefore, is necessary to preserve the integrity of the skin to ensure this protective ability and qualities.

A skin healthy and cared for reflects optimal habits of health, hygiene and nutrition. If you want to give your skin care, requires processes described below are essential:

1. •Exfoliar: using exfoliation remove skin dead cells thus ensuring that it is free from all kinds of impurities. Another benefit that you receive to the exfoliate is to help that, any product that you use after the exfoliation, penetrate better through your pores.
2. •Clean: daily cleaning is necessary to eliminate skin: waste of makeup, sweat, dust and other contaminants from the environment and oils that your skin secretes naturally.
3. •Tonificar: applying a facial tonic prepare the skin leaving it in optimum conditions to receive the moisturising or nourishing cream. Another function of the tonic is close the pores and remove any dirt or impurities that cleaner cosmetic failed to remove.
4. •Hidratar: Hydration is fundamental to the health and beauty of your skin. The beauty of our skin depends, largely, of proper hydration. But, proper hydration of the skin, is not simply providing water, it is necessary that it be retained in its interior. A constant hydration is what guarantees us a healthy skin.
5. •Nutrir: to show off a healthy skin is necessary to provide all the nutrients that allow the development in the cells that make up, substances such as: collagen, elastin and other proteins, minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the health of the skin.
6. •Regenerar: youth our skin regenerates so natural and quickly, but from 40 the regeneration process is slower, why must help our skin to stimulate this process of cellular regeneration.

The cosmetics industry is specialized in products for the care of the skin, such as creams, moisturizing lotions, and treatment products to repair or hide imperfections. Its purpose is to improve the beauty, especially the face. To care for your skin you must use quality cosmetics. Cosmetics that allow your skin to perform all these necessary processes.

In addition to these processes, you must not forget that, the care of your skin will not be complete if it is not complemented with:

1. Healthy alimentacion: a healthy diet aims to provide nutrients to make our body which stimulates the manufacture of protein collagen and other proteins, minerals and vitamins, necessary for the health of the skin.
2. Regular Ejercicio: exercise can give to a woman’s skin a natural glow that can not provide you with the best cosmetics.
3. Exercise increases the resistance and promotes circulation, which increases the contribution of nutrients to the skin cells and helps eliminate potentially harmful toxins. Provide these necessary care will require that we devote part of our time and resources to our skin. But it will be a small contribution compared with the benefits that will undoubtedly get.

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