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How To Reduce Brown Spots And Sun Damage

How To Reduce Brown Spots And Sun Damage

How To Reduce Brown Spots And Sun Damage How To Reduce Brown Spots And Sun DamageExfoliate your skin with a good quality facial Exfoliator to remove pimples that cause the oils of the sebaceous glands. Brown spots appear often in places where blackheads and whiteheads that used to be, a condition known as post-inflamatoria hyperpigmentation.

Make your own lotion to lighten dark spots of parsley boiling for 15 minutes, strain it and add the juice from fresh lemon, a natural bleaching agent.

Apply the mixture, then cooled, with a cotton swab. Be sure to cover all the discoloration.

Store the rest in a bottle and apply every day.

Make your own lightning mask to boil a cup of rolled oats with four tablespoons. of milk and stirring in a spoonful of honey.

Apply the cold mixture on the face and neck.

Rinse the mask after ten minutes. Repeat each week to reduce stains, prevent the formation of new ones, and clarify and purify the skin.

If you are still concerned about brown spots, try a good cream of the commercial face of a ray with hydroquinone and Kojic acid – two powerful whitening agents. Other ingredients to look for are salicylic acid and glycolic acid – which stimulates the skin to produce new cells more efficiently-, as well as antioxidants such as green tea and natural moisturizers like aloe vera.

Use sunscreen everyday to help resolve brown spots and to prevent the formation of new ones. The use of a sunscreen with vitamins D and E helps fight free radicals that contribute to brown spots.

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