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How To Use A Dark Red Lipstick

How To Use A Dark Red Lipstick

How To Use A Dark Red Lipstick How To Use A Dark Red LipstickOne of the latest trends in the world of cosmetics is the use of dark lipstick. However, this type of makeup requires certain specific considerations if you want to look perfect all two day and night. In, you will learn how to use a dark red lipstick, a lipstick that look very well in different shades of skin. Combines your lipstick with a good wardrobe, a makeup simple and tailored to your age and rustic meets modern.



Sometimes we have sinned for no make up our age and it is an important requirement, if we do not want to ridicule. Young you are, you can go for the colors. If your age is between 20 and 30 years, use a dark red lipstick can be a gamble. Focus you on your lips, but remember also eye makeup. A bit of mascara and beige or nude shade. You’ll look beautiful!

Although for many dark colors do we look more old do attention to it. If you are between 40 and 50 years, bright colors will give you more character to a degree. It is advisable to apply a bit of glitter on top of the red lipstick. To reduce the intensity, it gives a small stage with toilet paper. You’ll be perfect!


Your complexion is another basic factor when choosing a dark lip. If you have white skin it must be very well bet on red or shades of cherry or wine of neutral colors. You decide if you want a more or less bold look depending on the red dark lipstick, you choose. Don’t forget to capitalize on a simple makeup and enhance the features through the lipstick. whitens red teeth and eyes. Ideal for clear skin!


For all those who have the skin of halftone (olive or almond) ideally will be used deeper lipsticks. Tones Burgundy or vermilion will bring joy and vitality to your face. Also, we recommend you average fruity dark colors for your skin and do not recommend Brown-based lipsticks. In this way, you will avoid the too red or brown tones that do not promote anything on your skin. Don’t forget: for the tone of the skin, medium dark colors.


If your skin is dark, you need to pay more attention before choosing a dark lip. What you earn is to mark your lips and to highlight, then we advise you to bet on the red wine tones type. Dark red and plum, as well as the BlackBerry is ideal shades for the contrast between the skin and the lipstick. Don’t forget: darker is your skin, better will be the basis of Brown lipstick. You’ll be perfect!


Lipstick and your tone should vary according to the selected appearance. You must keep in mind that it has makeup varies depending on whether it is for work or sales of holiday. Therefore, the type of lipstick will also vary.

  • The look of the day: a good makeup during the day must be simple and very natural. A good base, a bit of a lip strong and colorful, as red, volumized and cherry. Yes, it is recommended that you lower your intensity through the lips.
  • Looking for work: Please note your type of work during the selection of your lipstick. If you want to follow this trend, but that you are working in a more conservative site or facing the audience, we recommend reducing the intensity of your dark, lips Paris with some red lipstick shiny. To soften the red lipstick, apply the front balm.
  • Night Look: maximum expression. At night, you can choose a more intense and bolder makeup. It describes your eyes for the night and avoid the face of not much dust, because you avoid your clearer skin look. Add the appearance a little blush on the cheeks, to give freshness to composition. Dark lipstick will be the finishing touch to a perfect evening look.


You must take into account some considerations before choosing the perfect dark lip for you. For example, the type and the shape of the lips you have. If your lips are fine, with this type of lipstick you overdo them also. You must take account of the fact that much darker than lipstick beautiful will become your lips. Avoid it!

On the other hand, you control the texture of red lipstick. Matte or opaque colors will make your lips look smaller. Soft tones and light can

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