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How To Wear A Fur Vest In The Winter

How To Wear A Fur Vest In The Winter

How To Wear A Fur Vest In The Winter How To Wear A Fur Vest In The WinterOne of the elements that caught the attention of watching the last of the winter season is the fur vest. Perfect for warmer or clothing worn under the jacket as to complement any look, whether casual or a little more formal. Many times this type of clothing can be a bit difficult to combine, but thanks to its versatility and following a few simple tips can go to the first and enjoy it. Discover in this article you will know about how to combine a layer of hair and not miss the opportunity to highlight one of the must-have in recent seasons.

How To Wear A Fur Vest In The Winter

If you have a black hair vest, know that in this case, this garment is ideal for being part of a total black look. You get a perfect outfit for the night, to be able to complete with heels and clucth, or a day in combination with flat and wallet type envelope or bag max shoes.

You can also incorporate a vest color like beige or gray (which are very popular) in a total black look and become the clear star of your outfit. This option will make your fur vest to stand out from all other clothing and monopolizes all the attention.

WITH JEANSFur Vest with jeans How To Wear A Fur Vest In The Winter
Jeans are one of the most versatile clothing that can be found and therefore not generally lacking on the back of our closet. The range is very wide and jeans are available in a multitude of styles and colors, so it is always useful to know to identify what are the most flattering for our body type.

And every day, you can combine your fur vest with your favorite jeans, you’ll very warm and look great under the jacket if you include oversize shirt or blouse.

BORDEREDFur Vest with bordered How To Wear A Fur Vest In The Winter
And do not think that fur vests are reduced to the pants, it is possible to make spectacular combinations also take them with skirts. For example, if you want to reflect a formal image, it is best to combine fur vest with a MIDI skirt and a white blouse; If instead you prefer a more casual style for any day of the week, go for a short skirt is a great option.

As you can see in the first look of the image, you can also enjoy a long print skirt combined with a fur vest, a white blouse and a belt. With these, you get an outfit in true folk style, one of the most notable trends of the season.

WITH A DRESSFur Vest with dress How To Wear A Fur Vest In The Winter
Another way to combine a Wear A Fur Vest In The Winter and we like to bring you to this piece an air of chic is more feminine and take it with a simple black or white dress you have in your closet. Normally, as simple dresses require accessories or other items that bring out a little, and a fur jacket is perfect for carry and go to the same time last mode.

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