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Hygiene In The Pools, Very Important In Alternative Medicine

Hygiene In The Pools, Very Important In Alternative Medicine

Hygiene In The Pools Hygiene In The Pools, Very Important In Alternative MedicineWith the arrival of the first heats, the swimming pools become a good choice for exercise and stay cool. However, some risks that it is important to minimize are hiding in the pools.

Chlorine kills most pathogens in less than an hour. But a swimming pool in bad conditions favours the growth of bacteria, both coming from the microbial flora of the mucous membranes of the swimmer as the environment. Swallowing, breathing or come into contact with this contaminated water can cause disorders such as gastroenteritis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, otitis, or a previous wound infection.

Disease which is spread most frequently in the pools is diarrhea and, although most of the germs that cause it are sensitive to chlorine, others are not so. Such is the case of Xryptosporidium’, a pathogen that can survive six or seven days in the pool until the chlorine can kill him. Diarrhoeal diseases are contagious when (from the feces of infected people or animals) infectious agents enter the water. If the contaminated liquid is swallowed, the swimmer can be infected.

Some of the tips that preventive agencies give is don’t use the pool in case of suffering diarrhea or any other communicable disease and ensure that no water enters the mouth while nothing.

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