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Is The Cure for HIV?

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Is The Cure for HIV?

Is the cure for HIV Is The Cure for HIV?A new study presented at the XIX days ago International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington, confirmed that patients treated very early and then was withdrawn antiretroviral therapy showed no signs of resurgence in HIV infection.

According to an official of the conference, there is a unique cohort of patients in France (the “cohort Visconti”) who became infected with HIV, treatment started early and managed successfully without interrupting your infection resurface, “Six years after the discontinuation of treatment, patients treated early in the post-infection and infection control have a “reservoir” of HIV extremely low in cells, the same level as the patients ‘HIV controllers’ “the statement said.

“These results suggest that antiretroviral therapy should be started very early,” said Charline Bacchus, Head of Research study in the French National Research Agency on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS).

“The study confirms the benefits of HIV treatment in very early stages of infection and is another proof of concept that we are in the right direction towards a cure for AIDS,” said Pedro Cahn Argentine specialist from Washington.

Visconti The group is one of the key scientific reasons behind the renewed optimism in the search for a cure for HIV.

The conference also presented a study led by David Margolis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, published this week in Nature. Margolis and colleagues showed that a dose of a drug that inhibits an enzyme involved in the silencing of HIV could cause viral reservoirs that used to be unreachable become susceptible to curative strategies. For example, in combination with treatments that amplify the host immune defense, the unmasking of the latent virus could allow suppression of the infection.

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