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Know The Benefits of Color in Foods

Know The Benefits of Color in Foods

Color in Foods 300x213 Know The Benefits of Color in FoodsAlthough not you know it, the eyes are highly mobile thanks to a dozen muscles. Therefore, care must be taken that the muscular system, which is activated thousands of times throughout the day, so you must take care to not fatigue easily and then you eyestrain.

There are disorders that are related to the aging process. One of the main reasons for loss of vision and blindness are cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. In addition to these disorders relate to the aging process, are also related to diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

It is vitally important to pay close attention to your diet, since it depends largely on the health of your eyes, your eyes. Keep reading because then we’ll give you a list of foods to help you care for the view and also contribute to the general care of your body.

Yellow food

  •     In the retina there is a yellow pigment, lutein. The role is the protection, outside damage such as: ultraviolet rays. Ideal for preserving food are corn, egg yolks and bananas, as they have lutein.
  •     It is very important to provide the compound through the food, because the body can not produce for itself.
  •     One of the best foods that help with eye protection is the egg yolk and that 85% of egg yolk is lutein.

Orange and red foods

  •     The plants in these colors contain beta carotene, a pigment that is converted to vitamin A when the body requires it. After the liver, eyes, organs that store more vitamin A. For them it is necessary that you maintain a diet rich in this vitamin. You must include: vegetables, dairy products, oily fish and liver, as they help prevent eye problems in old age.
  •     Other foods that help much to sharpen the vision and also to prevent diseases Disease are: carrots, peppers, squash, tomatoes, beets.

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