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Know The Parts Of A Dental Implant

Know The Parts Of A Dental Implant

Parts Of A Dental Implant Know The Parts Of A Dental ImplantDental implants offer durable solutions to the problems of lack of teeth, and it can also do wonders in restoring the capacity of attraction of your smile. These implants are embedded in the jaw bone, and then joins the restoration for teeth – the substitution of the form and function of natural teeth lost.

Learn about the parts that make up an implant dental can help in the further appreciation of what makes these small wonders to work as ideal solutions that are missing teeth.

Parts of dental implants

Implant Dental (body) – this is the part that provides safe anchorage where the associated tooth restoration will take place. The body of implant dental is the part that is directly embedded into the jaw bone, and can be threaded or non-threaded. The implants are available commercially are usually made of pure titanium, titanium alloys, and may or may not have a coating of hydroxyapatite.

Pillar – The pillar is screwed to the body of dental implant once it is embedded in the bone of the mandible; This part looks like a prepared tooth, and placed between the body of the implant and the restoration of a tooth (dental or dental bridge Crown).

The cure bolt and Cap – healing screw is used and Kingdom during the period in which the implant integrates with the soft tissue surrounding it, more commonly known as the healing phase. Screw also prevent the tissue that grows over the edge of the implant.

A cap of healing, on the other hand, have the shape of a dome, and United through the healing screws so that projected up through the soft tissues in the oral cavity. Healing CAP can also be used as a guide in the union of the restoration of a permanent tooth to the implant.

Crown / Tooth restoration – this is the part that is visible on the inside of the mouth, the upper part of the system of dental implant. Dental restorations (dental crowns and dental bridges) replace the shape and function of the teeth missing, and improve the aesthetics of the smile after teeth have disappeared.

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