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Methods Of Prevention Osteoporosis

Methods Of Prevention Osteoporosis

Methods Of Prevention Osteoporosis1 Methods Of Prevention OsteoporosisNUTRITION PLAN WITH ALGAE AND VEGETABLE
Through a balanced and natural, varied from plant foods, you may bring to the body the daily requirement of calcium. Thus, relaxation is accomplished by maintaining the body and thus reduce greatly the risk of disease. The bones are made of two essential components: mineral (calcium and phosphorus) and collagen. The latter focuses on more and is what guarantees a flexible and soft. Osteoporosis is the result of decreased bone mass and deterioration of the tissues.

In the U.S. alone, there are ten million people with osteoporosis, among which 70 and 80 percent are women. This disease is the leading cause of injury fracture (especially wrist, hip and spine) and other bone injuries. Prevention of osteoporosis should refer to the stage of adolescence and youth, bringing the body a good intake of calcium. Another important element is the physical exercises, which help to increase bone mass. During maturation, the provision of calcium should be lower and fractionated along the day.

Through the following variety of foods, it is possible to provide the body with large doses of calcium.
? ??? essential omega fatty acids: are indispensable
for the utilization of calcium in the body, so it can be incorporated into any intake at the rate of one tablespoon oil daily (without heating). For other preparations, use extra virgin olive oil.
? Bancha tea plant and algae are rich in calcium. For example, the alga hiziki provides 1400 mg of this mineral 100g.
? All beans, especially soybeans and derived products, bring lots of calcium. For example, agar-agar provides 400 milligrams per 100 grams.
? Other foods rich in calcium are mixed fruits, green leafy vegetables, low-fat dairy products and seeds, among others.

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