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Minerals That Fight Disease

Minerals That Fight Disease

Minerals That Fight Disease Minerals That Fight DiseaseThe human body is a unit, and as in the rest of the bodies, all bone disorder affects overall health. The key point is to care for the amount of calcium in the diet, increasing the consumption of milk, cheese and yogurt. It is convenient to also know the symptoms of bone evils which appear “silently”. You have to practice much gymnastics.

A true body, such as the bones, since they comply with fundamental functions for the health of human beings, the vast majority of cases is unknown. This note that we propose aims to prevent own skeletal disorders from childhood to adulthood. To mention some of the problems, we can cite deviations of spine, flat feet, hallus valgus (bunions), osteoporosis, abnormal curvatures in the bones of the leg, calcaneal spur, etc.

As we are a unit, each of these disorders that originate from the bones they affect in general form in the body, causing different diseases or diseases that might prevent knowing the functions of our bones and taking into account their structure.

This prevention begins from birth to seniors including, being nutrition the primary factor and physical and sports activities that stimulate the production of bone material. An essential mineral for the health of our bones is calcium, and they follow in importance the phosphorus and magnesium, elements that should not never miss in our daily diet.

Calcium is precisely 50 percent of its constituent material; If the diet is low in calcium, our skeleton weakens, decreases in bone mass and becomes more predisposed to suffer from osteoporosis or fractures. The newborns have a skeleton composed of 350 pieces. Adults that figure drops to a total of 206 bones, since many of them are merging as time passes and the skeleton reaches its final structure.

These silent workers do not stop even for a minute. Its role is not limited to be a simple frame of body, though this is not little. Bones serve as support and clamping, essential to keep in place all soft parts of the body. Its mission, for such cause, is fundamental to the life of human beings.

They also act as a true shield of most delicate vital organs. Thus, the structure of ribs of the chest protect blows to the lungs and the heart.

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