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Natural Mosquito Exterminator Drug

Natural Mosquito Exterminator Drug

Natural Mosquito Exterminator Drug Natural Mosquito Exterminator DrugNATURAL PRODUCTS THAT REPEL INSECTS

  • In line with the philosophy of producing medicinal products and natural cosmetics that take care of the environment and contribute to the harmony between man and his environment, there are natural lotions to repel insects, ideal for those times of the year in which these abound.
  • Such lotions should contain citronella, Neem Oil and essence of andiro-ba. The balanced composition of these ingredients gives a wide spectrum of insect repellent activity that eliminates possible effects undesirable and collaterals, such as resistance to the product or its components intolerance.
  • The andiroba is a large tree that grows wild in the Amazon jungle. Its oil is anti-inflammatory and natural repellent. The nim is a tree native to the India and is recognized for its use in plantations for the control of pests, flies, butterflies and insects in general, environmentally healthy.
  • The resultant aroma of these three components (citronella, Neem Oil and andiroba essence) is pleasant to humans, but unpleasant to insects.
  •   These natural products are dermatologically tested and its use is indicated for the whole family.

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