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Natural Therapies and Cell Reinformación

Natural Therapies and Cell Reinformación

Analysis and cell reinformación is a set of alternative therapy techniques health which seeks to achieve energy balance in the body. This therapy uses in its development a number of detection elements which are called filters and other frequency correction that are based on logic remodeling present in other types of medicine.
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The area of reflection for excellence in health care this alternative is the ear and the filters are placed in different parts of the body following a tested and accurate method. This therapy, whose chief representative is the French physician Michel de Larrocha that has recovered the entire theoretical corpus Auriculomedicina.

According to this alternative theory, the reflex to the pinna has a unique mapping in which faults can be detected symptomatic of the body and determine very accurately the organic locks avoid having to check the whole body to find the exact place of ailments.

The filter system thus becomes a tool through which you can find energy-related emissions that are made in a single frequency of the mind. The study and file a lot of cases that have been treated by Dr. Larroche and other therapists has allowed the creation of a system in which they have been introducing a lot of theoretical models that explain the power system that has our body.

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