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Nonstick Coating Dental And Teeth

Nonstick Coating Dental And Teeth

Nonstick Coating Dental And Teeth Nonstick Coating Dental And Teeth

- Dental Layer

Researchers have devised a varnish that makes teeth resistant to decay and attack the bacteria that cause them . The substance adheres to the teeth for a period long enough to fulfill its function. The basic ingredient is chlorhexidine varnish , an antibacterial substance in the U.S. developed as mouthwash and that is acquired by prescription . The varnish , with a higher content of chlorhexidine , promises to be more effective. Some also contain fluoride varnishes , to provide greater protection against caries. Possible date of appearance : about five years.

- Nonstick Teeth

Their saliva can be trained to reject “bacteria that cause tooth decay before they have time to establish his dwelling in his teeth. This is done by chemically altering saliva protein normally allow bacteria to adhere to teeth . From the moment your dentist apply rescheduled salivary protein , bacteria can not remain attached to their teeth. Your palate will not detect the difference.
Possible date of appearance : at least five years.

- Exterminator Toothpaste

A substance that fights bacteria – called triclosan – removes plaque , tartar and gum inflammation , more effective than the products currently used way to destroy the plate .
These toothpastes contain special bonding agents which facilitate the triclosan adhere to teeth , instead of being eliminated by rinsing. At present there and creams and mouthwashes containing triclosan .

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