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Nutrition As A Preventive Agent Against Breast Cancer

Nutrition As A Preventive Agent Against Breast Cancer

Nutrition As A Preventive Agent Against Breast Cancer Nutrition As A Preventive Agent Against Breast CancerNutrition As A Preventive Agent Against Breast Cancer – Will be 1 in 8 women with breast cancer have to make . In the United States of America Heredity plays a big role , but lifestyle and daily diet also have a big impact . Below 17 foods that have a preventive effect against breast cancer or metastases .


Researchers encountered during a study with mice that turmeric preventive helps prevent the spread of breast cancer to the lungs .


According to one study, the phytochemicals in blueberries work together to stop . Growth and spread of triple negative breast cancer This form of cancer has a worse prognosis than other types of breast cancer .


In tomatoes is a lot of lycopene, which is known to dye these lowers the risk of breast cancer .


Avocados are rich in oleic acid , several studies show that the oleic acid has a preventive effect against cancer.

Red wine

It is claimed that the risk of breast cancer decreases when red wine is consumed in moderation . However, drinking two or more glasses can ensure that there is just an increased risk of breast cancer arises . It is thus essential in order to moderate the intake.

Red wine reduces the effects of radiation significantly in women undergoing radiation therapy for cancer treatment. One study found that the antioxidant resveratrol in red wine makes cancer cells more sensitive to radiation , while healthy cells are properly protected from destruction .

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables contain glucosinolates that strong action against cancer . It turns out that sprouts contain the most advantageous combination of glucosinolates for the combat of breast cancer and other forms of cancer.

Pomegranate juice

Promising research in Israel show that pomegranate juice destroys breast cancer cells without harming the healthy cells. To In addition, pomegranate juice might also prevent at counteracting the creation of new cancer cells.

Linseed oil

In that linseed oil contains a high amount of lignans protects against breast cancer. In addition, lignans also protect against estrogen-dependent cancers .

Green tea

Studies show that drinking green tea reduces the risk of developing breast cancer . It protects women who are already dealing with the disease and prevents additional metastases . Green tea contains the substance ECGC and is so effective .


Research shows that garlic eradicates cancer cells . The cooking of garlic in combination with meat reduces the amount of carcinogenic substances in the prepared meat . It would constitute the carcinogens that are mainly found in breast cancer .


Broccoli plants containing the mote indole-3 -carbinol which is effective against breast cancer. Indole-3 – carbinol converts the estrogen – type that causes cancer to a cancer protective type of estrogen .


Like broccoli cauliflower is a fantastic source of indole – 3 – carbinol .


One study found a link between eating spinach and breast cancer . It appears that women twice a week to eat spinach halve the risk of breast cancer compared to women who do not eat spinach .


Studies show that grapefruit may prevent breast cancer cells to live on .

Black cherries

In studies in rats, a substance found in black cherries that inhibit cancer cells .


Research at UC Berkeley shows that a diet high kelpinname the value lowers estradiol and possesses phytoestrogens properties . Sea vegetables also contain chlorophylones , saturated fatty acids which may have a preventive effect in breast cancer . Moreover, kelp contains fucoidan , which in previous studies showed that destroys the cancer cells .


Research shows that the leaves of the artichoke apoptosis ( cell destruction ) effects and reduces the growth of cancer cells in various forms of cancer . Another Italian study found that lowers flavonoid artichokes in breast cancer risk .

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