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Other Strategies For The Treatment Cancer

Other Strategies For The Treatment Cancer

Strategies For The Treatment Cancer Other Strategies For The Treatment CancerMany cancers from tissues that are sensitive to the hormonal action, such as the breast, prostate, endometrial and thyroid, respond to hormonal treatment. It consists in the administration of various hormones or antihormones or the cancellation of the corresponding stimulating hormone. They are beginning to employ new strategies, some of them promising, in the treatment of cancer.

You can use biological agents known as modulators of the biological response, to alter the body’s response to cancer and in particular of the immune system. Another approach is to use biological agents to encourage certain cells to attack malignant cells. The best example is the use of interleukin 2 to stimulate lymphocytes sensitive killers to lymphokines.

The existence of specific antigens of some tumors that allow the development of anti-tumor antibodies have been investigated in depth: these would attack the cancer in a manner directly or constituting the vehicle for a chemotherapeutic drug. Thus, the antibody would identify malignant cell which would accede to allowing the drug to exert its action.

Even in the case of get healing, cancer may have resulted in serious consequences. You should try to offer the patient the best possible quality of life, through rehabilitation techniques which may include reconstructive surgery. When cure is not possible, palliative treatment aims provide the patient the best quality of life and function during the next few months or years. Pain can be controlled at present much more efficiently than in other eras.

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