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Parent Cells Against Multiple Sclerosis

Parent Cells Against Multiple Sclerosis

Sclerosis 300x300 Parent Cells Against Multiple SclerosisThe mother cell to jump again at the epicenter of the presence of other medical screening and the use of medical advancement. In this occasion, this health blog focused on the use of the mother cells against multiple sclerosis after a major report concerned regained his mobility. A major medical advance that can open many doors.

The use of mother cells is usually more advanced and more each time. Its application appears in a patient affected by an operation realized with this disease to be cleaned its use to treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis studies in pear was now.

The surgical intervention was implemented it on the mother autólogo transplanted marrow cells, which has allowed the affected of multiple sclerosis, major report regain his mobility. Until recently, this technique had a sign near the Tods in 10 percent, but now it has been possible to reduce a 1 per cent.

The patient has reached into question, to go after he was subjected to the operation, an association of his cell mother of his marrow is removed and, after they have treated with drugs to destroy all his immune cells, one, they return the patient , insert so that his immune system is completed and will be renewed. After the operation he had only affected certain weakness in his right leg and a bit of vision loss, but he managed to leave.

This treatment goes on the immune system in good stead and he could 60 or 80 percent of the people affected by multiple sclerosis. In this way, it would succeed revertir or slow the damage that is suffered by this disease. He is no doubt, of which this therapy is an important medical advance in the fight against degenerative disease, as is the multiple sclerosis. Also, the mother shows how effective use of the cells.

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