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Prevent Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Prevent Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

pregnancy muslim Prevent Stretch Marks in PregnancyPregnancy causes a number of physiological changes in women, including the skin is also affected as it is stretched to ten times. That is especially true since the second trimester, when they can come stretch marks. To prevent this should be taken into account a number of preventive measures:

  •     Weight control during pregnancy is important. Both the sudden weight gain and loss after delivery thereof, cause the appearance of stretch marks. A healthy diet helps to prevent them. The right foods are rich enVitaminas A (dairy products, apricots, carrots), E (cereals, vegetables, and vegetable oils), C (potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, citrus).
  •     Essential fatty acids (found in vegetables, fish and vegetable oils) help to maintain skin elasticity. Also some fruits like kiwi aid in tissue regeneration and healing.
  •     Be sure to use stretch mark creams that hydrate and restore skin. Their prices hover between 12 and 15 euros and when choosing it must take into account that contain gotu kola, jojoba and borage oils, Vitamin E and rosehip oil. Regarding the mode of application of the cream, it should be done twice daily, morning and evening. The moisturizer that you use should apply in areas where stretch marks tend to appear. This is in the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, calves, groin and thighs.
  •     As a preventive measure is also helpful to maintain good circulation of the skin. The latter is accomplished by performing once a week, massage your skin while moisturizing skin with stretch mark cream. It is also good exercise like yoga or walking.

Remember not to stop UNAR creams and oils as these are helpful to combat stretch marks, we recommend that contain almond extract. Follow these tips and how your pregnancy is not affected by those pesky stretch marks. He lives in complete happiness the beautiful stage of motherhood. And congratulations advanced!

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