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Proper Nutrition In Multiple Sclerosis: What To Pay Attention?

Proper Nutrition In Multiple Sclerosis: What To Pay Attention?

Proper Nutrition In Multiple Sclerosis Proper Nutrition In Multiple Sclerosis: What To Pay Attention?Proper diet: avoid arachidonic acid

As in healthy people, proper nutrition in multiple sclerosis should be characterized by a wide diversity and variety. MS is in addition that arachidonic acid-containing food only in low mass should be consumed. The reason: Arachidonic acid is a fatty acid that is involved in the body’s production of inflammatory mediators, so the Swiss MS Portal “ms”. This inflammation mediators in turn are partly responsible for the MS typical inflammation in the brain and spinal cord.

Although the body of arachidonic acid also single-handedly produces, finally, the fatty acid also to other important metabolic processes is involved, but their lot through proper nutrition can be kept low. Multiple sclerosis patients sure to eat as little as possible of animal fats. These include mainly meat, sausage and eggs. Applies to other animal foods such as dairy products, that they should be as low in fat. For this reason, a vegetarian-oriented diet recommends itself for MS patients because plant foods are free from arachidonic acid. Fish is an exception.

Pay attention to sufficient fish

While meat so rarely – ideally no longer should land as twice 80 grams per week – on the plate, fish is, however, healthy. Apart from tuna contain the sea animals, only a small fraction of the harmful fatty acid in return but a notable amount of nutrients, which attributed to anti-inflammatory effects such as, for example, Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), but also vitamin D. According to “ms” Multiple Sclerosis occurs in coastal regions, where much fish is consumed, less frequently. MS patients so it should correct nutrition for two-three times a week to eat fish. Oily fish such as herring, mackerel or salmon have particularly positive properties.

More nutrition tips in multiple sclerosis

However vegetable diet should comprise the main component of the diet. The correct diet for multiple sclerosis is primarily vegetarian. In many plant foods contain vitamins A, C and E have namely also anti-inflammatory properties. Nuts and legumes should be regularly installed in the meals. Phytochemicals such as, for example, the different dyes of the peppers have a positive influence on health. They strengthen the immune system and are effective against so-called free radicals.

Use also exclusively high-quality vegetable oils for frying or making salads. For example, olive oil, soybean oil or walnut oil is recommended. On lard or butter, you should, however, avoid or replace them with diet margarine. Otherwise, it is dairy products on it to make sure that the fat content is as low as possible. Low-fat milk contains as much healthy calcium and vitamin D as whole milk, but less harmful arachidonic acid.

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