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Relaxation And Stress Relieving Exercises

Relaxation And Stress Relieving Exercises

Relaxation And Stress Relieving Exercises Relaxation And Stress Relieving ExercisesAlthough herbs and foods are an excellent solution to stress, it is important to begin by emotionally calm and treat the areas most affected, which in general are neck and back. Relaxation and relieving exercises constitute, then a good way to decrease the symptoms of stress, in addition to combating the same nerves supply.

An ideal exercise is placed in a comfortable position and breathe deep, soft, slow and quietly for 10 seconds. Massaging the nape of the neck with the tip of your fingers, supporting the buds against the base and tightening. Then, make circular ascending movements with opposite hands, during a reasonable period.

For the back, the best way to relax is lying upside down and loosen arms on a preferably hard surface. Another person do massage with the fingers of the hands across the back, alternately pressing and supporting las palmas on the basis of the back and climbing with pressure toward the neck. Lying down face up, with your knees and feet together, lift your right arm over the head with the Palm of the hand facing up. Leave the other arm stretched along the body with your Palm down. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 4 times. Then do the same with the left arm.

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