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Skin Types

Skin Types


Skin Types Skin TypesHow to recognize it?

Smooth and delicate appearance. Pink streaks. Moderate matte gloss. Bead often and invisible pores. No injuries or flakes. Tendency to FAT (mixed) youth and dry with age. It is well tolerated the SOAP without sensation. Appearance of wrinkles with age.

That care needs?

Daily cleaning (morning and night). Hydration (morning). Nutrition (night). Exfoliation and mask once a week.

Care cosmetics in addition to suit the type of skin should take into account the age or condition of the same. Anti-aging cosmetics can be applied from Ios 25 years.

Dry skin?

Often be a skin thin, delicate, fragile and transparent, devoid of part of the superficial fat that acts as a natural protection. It lacks surface brightness and has closed pores. You can show signs of peeling and feeling of tightness, may even be irritation and redness. It is certainly delicate skin that if not properly cared for can become sensitive. You need particularly much protection against the aggressions of the environment. One of its major drawbacks is the presence of signs of aging prematurely. It manifests itself in the form of steep lines around the eyes (Crow’s feet) and between the nose and mouth.

How to recognize it?

Matt appearance: off and dull. White Pink tone. Fine grain and very closed pore. Rough touch, it sheds easily and suffers from eczema. Fine and little elastic. Tendency to suffer from wrinkles in the contour of eyes and mouth. Feeling of tightness. irritable in the presence of SOAP.

That care needs?

Soft cleaning (morning and night). Hydration (morning). Nutrition (night). Soft exfoliation once a week or every two weeks. Moisturizing mask twice a week. Regenerating cream twice a week. You can start to use nutrition and 20 years and anti-aging treatments.

Oily skin?

It is the result of excessive production of sebum, which reaches its peak at puberty (acne) and decreases with age, and very fast from the 45 years until it disappears completely at maturity. It usually has a rough feel and a tepid tone. The pores are visible and could expand and can often be obstructed, culminating in the cases more serious with the emergence of groups of beads, likely to catch fire and become infected, so it will have to save an absolute cleaning, so eat avoid touching it with your fingers.

How to recognize it?

Shiny appearance on the forehead, nose and Chin. Sallow colour and viscous touch. Visible and dilated pores. Tendency to grains, pimples, blackheads, and acne. Thick and elastic. It is well tolerated the SOAP. Without wrinkles.

That care needs?

Deep cleaning (morning and night). Hydration (morning). Regenerative (night). Exfoliation weekly provided that no grains. Removal of impurities. With regular cosmetic habits this type of skin can get the balance.

Sensitive skin?

Any type of skin can become sensitive if it is subjected to a series of circumstances capable of irritating enough. Our skin is facing an increasingly aggressive and polluted world. This fact produces a series of reactions in string with an epicenter known, free radicals, they mistreat and exasperated more than usual, bringing to the limit its degree of sensitivity.

Sudden climatic changes, environmental pollution and the incisive intensity of solar radiation around us and the only organ that forms the border between all these external agents and ourselves is the skin. If we want to keep it safe from the disaster, we must provide urgent assistance. Hydration and protection are the best weapons because they take a barrier effect us isolated from an environment.


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