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Soy Good For Health

Soy Good For Health

Soy Good For Health 300x177 Soy Good For HealthAn old Chinese legend tells the story of a band of outlaws who managed to survive in the wilderness for years thanks to the beans of a plant little known so far: the soybean. Today we know that this amazing grain has amazing properties:

1. Provides all essential amino acids.

2. Provides a 34% protein, compared to 4% of rice, 11% of other cereal flours and 20% of the meat.

3. Produces almost a 20% oil (free cholesterol), while the other legumes provide only 2%.

A representative data: a kilo of soy protein provides as many as 61 eggs (and without the dangerous cholesterol).

However, it is difficult to meet protein needs nothing but through the ingestion of soy, as different ways of cooking and consumption significantly reduce usable protein concentration (which is almost zero in the shoots, the usual way consuming).

Recently, Scherer laboratories have developed “Top Life Soy Protein,” a practical and effective way to solve this problem. Consumed as a food supplement, provide the vital-essential amino acids and essential non-required by the body at different stages of development.

Also remember that too much protein is never harmful, because the body takes only what you need.

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