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Stopping Chronic Diarrhea

Stopping Chronic Diarrhea

Stopping Chronic Diarrhea Stopping Chronic DiarrheaNatural solutions to solve this problem

Stopping Chronic Diarrhea – Many studies and most of which have been inconclusive. However, estimates suggest that chronic diarrhea affects between 3-5% of the adult population. In cases of chronic diarrhea, the naturopathic doctor John Beles considered important to consult an expert in naturopathy. If you do not have this possibility, the expert suggests a treatment that complements what is already doing.

Follow these tips and get rid of this annoying problem:

  • For breakfast, eat a meal with rice, two tablespoons of carob flour and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Several studies have confirmed the efficacy of carob in reducing diarrhea. Cinnamon helps oral antidiabetic action.
  • When doing the same snack arrowroot flour mixture. At the same time, advise a supplement with Boswellia serrata (400 mg at lunch and dinner), a plant gastrointestinal mucosal protective, anti-inflammatory with a specific action in the gut, immunomodulatory and anti allergic, possible pathophysiological causes of symptoms. Several studies have shown that the beneficial action is ca plant diseases, although their (such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease) have similar symptoms.
  • Finally, make an infusion to advise mid-morning and evening of lime and passion flower (one tablespoon per two cups), plants that help you relax and relieve stress. Please also inhalations lavender essential oil, four times a day.

Scientific opinion: John Beles (naturopath and lecturer Scientific Basis of Natural Medicine Naturopathy during Traditional Medicine Institute of Lisbon)

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