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Stress Causes White Hair

Stress Causes White Hair

Stress Causes White Hair Stress Causes White HairIt is proven that stress causes the onset of gray hair at an early age and accelerates the gray hair at any age During stressful situations occur a series of processes at the organic level that may affect the DNA in all cells and those damages can be warned at a glance to observe the changes that occur in the hair.

The reeds are produced when stress affects melanocytes (cells that produce melanin the pigment that gives color to the hair) causing his premature ageing, because of this those cells no longer produce melanin and the hair will be completely white.

How to know if reeds are due to stress

Stress is a natural defense mechanism that is activated in situations that produce stress, fears, worries, sadness, anguish, physical or emotional pain, etc.

Faced with these stressful circumstances is that we must pay attention to the changes occurring in our body, in this case we are referring only to the appearance of canes, but stress produces more major damage that can result in serious disease if we do not take precautions to control it.

The first signs of the ravages that is causing stress in health do not usually directly reeds, previously hair can see opaque, lifeless and with an excessive fall for which is not explanation.

Over the course of days or weeks, he begins to appreciate a gradual loss of some hair color then they will transform in reeds, although in some cases the graying is a process fast and in a matter of days warning the presence of completely white hair.

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