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Stress Will Affecting Health Hair

Stress Will Affecting Health Hair

Stress Will Affecting Health Hair Stress Will Affecting Health HairStress can affect hair producing drying, fall and the appearance of gray prematurely

Stress also affects the hair and the same status can be one of the first indicators that our health is beginning to deteriorate as a result of the tensions and everyday concerns. Some studies reveal that up can anticipate the risk of suffering a heart attack taking into account the amount of cortisol that found in the hair.

We’ve all read stories about people who encanecieron from night to morning, as for example María Antoinette whose hair remained completely white in one night, while she waited to be beheaded the next morning or the case for Moses when he ascended Mount Sinai and her hair miraculously was covered with reeds.

Surely in those times was not spoken of stress, nor had idea that in extreme situations the tensions and anxiety could cause the “miracle” of removing hair color within a few hours. Today we know the havoc which can produce stress in each of our bodies as well as that way can affect the hair.

Symptoms that stress is affecting the hair

  • One of the first signs that stress is affecting us is the loss of vitality of the hair, this begins to see I reseco, opaque and to be cut as if invisible scissors were making the rounds in our hair.
  • The appearance of gray hair at ages that do not correspond to the natural aging process.
  • Rapid amount of white hair increase.
  • Another of the classic symptoms of stress is hair loss, usually dealt with an abnormal fall by the volume of lost hair or notice which evolve whole strands.

To do to reverse the effects of stress on the hair

It would be very simple to say that the first step is to attempt to control stress, but we all know there are no magic recipes that allow out of stressful situations or learn how to use them to prevent that they affect us, therefore obviaré that first step.

If we can not prevent stress at least can counteract its effects on consuming food antioxidants like fruits and vegetables, turning to supplements of vitamins of Group B which are that most benefit the growth and health of hair or hair taking tablets of Brewer’s yeast which contains vitamins B complex and proteins of vegetable origin that can return health to the hair in two or three weeks.

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