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Study Finds Dramatic Increase In Skin Cancer Among Middle-Aged

Study Finds Dramatic Increase In Skin Cancer Among Middle-Aged

Study Finds Dramatic Increase In Skin Cancer Among Middle Aged Study Finds Dramatic Increase In Skin Cancer Among Middle AgedA new study from the Mayo Clinic found that men and women of middle age ( 40-60 years old ) , usually a eightfold incidence (eight times !) Of skin cancer between 1970 and 2009 was raised , as published in the magazine ” Mayo Clinic Proceedings ” .

“The most surprising finding was in women of this age group, because so far in any other group found rates higher than those of women 40 to 50 years increased ” says dermatologist Dr. Jerry Brewer , a researcher main study .

In recent years , concern about the increased incidence of melanoma has spread widely because every year affects 75,000 Americans and kills nearly 9,000 lives in that country. However , there have been few studies to investigate adult age groups most at risk.

Dr. Brewer ‘s team conducted a population-based study using data from the Rochester Epidemiology Project , a collaboration among health care providers in the southeastern region of Minnesota to allow researchers to study community health and disease. They found that in the group of white adults , not Hispanic and 40 to 60 years the incidence of skin cancer increased 4.5 times among men and among women 24 times .

Women younger than 50 years, in particular , showed marked increase in melanoma , a finding that could promote future studies on premenopausal hormonal connection and disease. Although women were more likely to develop melanoma, the men, however , showed greater mood for deeper lesions .

Another important finding was the higher overall probability of surviving melanoma , an increase of 7 percent in each year of study. ” The best survival rates could be due to public awareness, the more frequent testing and detection of skin cancer in the early stages ,” says Dr. Brewer. “People can now go where the dermatologist more easily than before, moreover, has new methods such as dermoscopy (which includes the ABCDE criteria widely used ) to observe the details of a mole and melanoma early detection .”

The most pronounced increase of melanoma in the last decade was covered by the study, between 2000 and 2009. Scientists speculate that this increase may be related to the popularity of tanning beds in the 1980s and 1990s.

” For many decades , has been a cultural tendency to connect the tan skin fitness and even success. This trend may be one of the reasons that melanoma has become so prevalent among the groups studied , “says Dr. Brewer.

This study follows the traces left by the results of last year, when the team of Dr. Brewer noted alarming rates of melanoma among young adults , 18 to 39 years old . The scientific group now will track the trend of melanoma and survival rates among adults over 60 years.

Skin cancer can be prevented. Dr. Brewer lists four simple ways to prevent the chances of skin cancer are better :

  • Avoid using tanning beds
  • Use sunscreen
  • Knowing your skin , frequent self-exams performed
  • Obtain annually reviews with the dermatologist

These prevention messages are important for people of all ages. Refer to PSA type cartoon, Mayo Clinic helps explain to children and adolescents the importance of preventing skin cancer and remain “attentive to the sun ” ( You can see it here).

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health. Other authors are : doctors Garrett Lowe, Kurtis Reed, Roxana Dronca , Svetomir Markovic and Christine Lohse, all of Mayo Clinic.

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